kelsey smith


My journey starts here: “Dad, how to I file bankruptcy? Can I even do that at 22?”


It was a serious question that I really wanted the answer to. I was walking down a road of shame, depression, misery, and debt. I was a broke reporter and in all reality, there wasn’t much room for growth. I was getting comfortable with the $500 paychecks every two weeks and while I could barely afford to eat, I was beginning to think that this is all I would EVER have.

Just when I needed it the most, an opportunity showed up on social media. It was scary, different, and at first- I thought it was a scam. I knew it would require hard work. But if I am being honest with you? I was more scared of staying the same and I had absolutely nothing to lose. So I spent the last bit of money I had on a program and a shake that at the minimum, would help me feel good about myself again.

"When I started I was 225 lbs- my all time high & I was so disgusted with my lifestyle choices and my reflection in the mirror.


Kelsey helped me see the beauty inside of me before I even lost a single pound. She believed in me and she made sure i was going to get results."

-Rebecca Reid

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