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Kelsey Smith 

Here's how I can help you

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I've tried it all & I'm sure you have too which is probably why you're here. You're done with the fad diets, the crazy meal plans, and the lack of carbs. You're looking for something sustainable and to make healthy living a LIFESTYLE, not a chore. 

Good news, my friend. You've come to the right place. My job is to help you become the best version of yourself and love every step of the process along the way through my online wellness & accountability groups.

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I don't believe you need to be working 24/7 in order to have a successful business. Truthfully, all that does is lead to burnout and exhaustion.


What you do need, is strategy. You need someone to help you set clear goals for your business and then help you create a plan to achieve it. That's where I come in.

Bx4 is designed to help you automate, scale, and simplify your business so that you can get out of the mundane tasks and make more time for the things that truly matter.

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Fight Back Motherhood helps you become the best version of yourself so you can be the best mom to your littles. This course will help you rediscover a love for yourself by helping you prioritize yourself in health and wellness, mindset, and self care. 


It’s your one stop shop to a total life transformation and a deeper connection with not only yourself, but everyone who comes in contact with you.

Fight Back Motherhood

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