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If losing weight to you means eating tiny tasteless meals followed by beating yourself up for getting “off-track”, then it’s time to ditch diets and start 2B Mindset! Ilana Muhlstein, MS, RDN teaches you 4 proven principles on how you can eat big, satisfying meals and still lose weight! You won’t have to count calories, cut out foods you love, or kill your progress when eating out, on vacation or at a party ever again. If you’re ready to lose the weight for the last time, 2B Mindset is right for you!


What You’ll Discover:

  • How to eat the foods you love and feel satisfied after every meal—and still lose weight.

  • Proven strategies to help conquer cravings and survive everyday food temptations.

  • The right foods to eat—at the right times—to help maximize energy and weight loss.


The 2B Mindset™ takes a different approach to food than what fad diets have been telling us for years. In fact, it’s not a diet at all. It’s a mindset. And once you learn it, you’ll finally be in total control of food and your body, so you’ll forever know how to lose weight—happily—and keep it off.

Overcome emotional eating. End mindless snacking. And stop punishing yourself for indulging in the foods you love. It’s time to free yourself from deprivation diets. With the 2B Mindset, you can love your body and lose weight while still enjoying your favorite foods.

Here’s How to Get Started:


  1. Log into your Beachbody on Demand account and click on the Nutrition tab and then 2B Mindset.

  2. Check out the Getting Started Guide, under the Resources tab.

  3. Start watching the videos, beginning with Meet Ilana. Then move on to Learn the Program. 

  4. Click here to get access to Program Materials. 


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Here is a link that will take you to a TON of recipes and resources for the 2B Mindset on the Beachbody Blog.


Staying on track to reach your goals is more possible with BODi. Every month, you get new mouth-watering recipes and meal plans (with grocery lists!) along with Ilana’s tips to keep you motivated and your mindset positive. Plus, you’ll never feel like you’re going at this alone with the support from our members-only community. You won’t believe how helpful it is to connect with people just like you – share your victories, share your struggles and keep each other motivated to keep going! Plus, you also get exclusive access to LIVE and on-demand workouts.

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