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create a 2020 vision

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I am SO excited that you took the time to listen to Episode 018 of the Control Freak Podcast (on iTunes or Spotify) and now you’re ready to plan out your 2020. Like I mentioned in the episode, if you don’t have any sort of vision or clarity on what you’re trying to achieve in the new year, guess what’s going to happen? Well, to say it bluntly: Absolutely nothing. 

The last thing I want for you is for you to open your eyes on the morning of December 31, 2020 and realize that absolutely nothing has changed. That you’re in the EXACT same spot as you were in 2019, heck maybe even 2018 for that matter. I don’t know about you, but it scares me to DEATH to think that I could just be coasting through life, not making any sort of impact in the world or those around me, and that 60-70 years from now I have absolutely nothing to be proud of and instead, a life full of regret. Yuck, right? 

We ALL have the potential to be something GREAT. We all have something buried deep inside of us that is LONGING to be exposed. We have creative ideas, unlimited potential, and this power buried so deep within that if we could just reach a TINY part of it, well, it could change our entire lives. 

You’re not broken, my friend. There isn’t anything wrong with you and if you’ve felt stagnant or complacent up until this point, I can promise you that you aren’t alone. But now you are here. You want to have an incredible new decade. You want to change some things in your life and you’re ready to set goals for 2020 that can change everything for you. 

Look, I have been using this SAME tool guide now for several years and it WORKS- if you do it. This isn’t going to be a quick goal setting lesson for you. This takes TIME. It takes you sitting down with Adele on the radio, getting emotional, dreaming big, and not being interrupted. It takes WAY more than one word answers or even a sentence. Those who really want to have an incredible year and set crystal clear goals have to be ZONED IN on their vision and the only way to create a vision that you’ll work toward is to spend the time creating it. Your answers will be paragraphs, sometimes even pages. I promise you that the more REAL you are with yourself, the better chance you’ll have of making changes. 

Here is how the next couple of days are going to go and PLEASE let me make this clear. You cannot SKIP steps. This is designed in ORDER to give you the results that you’re wanting. So please don’t do Day 1 and then not do Day 4, it just won’t work. Every single step is necessary. 


If you’re ready, so am I friend. Let’s get this party started and help you create the life of your dreams in 2020.

XOXO- Kelsey

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