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Your basic package will come with a STANDARD nutrition plan. Learn about Shakeology & Performance, get recipes and a simple philosophy on healthy eating. If you're someone who already has a good grasp on nutrition, this will be a completely fine option for you.


If you struggle, I would choose between 2B Mindset or UPF.


Congrats my friend! You're here because you purchased a Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack and you're ready to get the ball rolling on the nutrition side of things.  This basic nutrition system was included WITH your package. If you're looking to take it up a notch and REALLY dive into mastering your mindset around nutrition, I highly recommend upgrading to one of our STEP BY STEP nutrition programs, Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset (more information below). 

Regardless, I'm sure you know that nutrition plays a HUGE role when it comes to results. You can't out exercise a bad diet. So with that being said, PLEASE take this seriously and ask me questions! That's what I am here for.


Our immersive nutrition and weight-loss programs offer a personalized approach tailored to each person’s individual tastes, needs, goals, and lifestyle. Whether you are struggling to break a lifetime junk-food habit or lose a few pounds, it is our mission to provide solutions for long-lasting change.


  1. Download the Beachbody Nutrition Guide. You'll also get a hard copy with your challenge pack. 

  2. Read through this packet SLOWLY and make sure you understand everything. 

  3. Watch the video to the right so you understand the type of meal plan you'll be doing. 

  4. CLICK HERE to find out how to calculate your meal plan.

  5. Use the tools and resources below to make sure that you understand everything and set yourself up for success.

  6. Send a copy of your FIRST meal plan to


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If you need more STRUCTURE and a STEP BY STEP guide to nutrition, I highly recommend checking out our two nutrition programs, 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix. Click on the photos below to be taken to their information pages where you can learn EXACTLY what they are and if they align with the goals you have for yourself. You'll be able to upgrade from that page if you choose to do so. 

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Ultimate Portion Fix is the expansion of one of the most successful weight-loss programs ever, with portion-control containers that take the guesswork and emotions out of eating perfectly sized meals. With supportive accountability groups to help you stay on track, you can reach your goals. Click here to see if it's for YOU.

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2B Mindset teaches you how to recognize false hunger, what to eat FIRST, daily habits that promotes weight loss, how to deal with cravings, proven weight loss secrets. You get to be in CONTROL of your eating and eat big portions. Click here to see if it's for YOU.

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