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I can honestly say that I had NO idea what I was getting myself into when I said YES to this coaching opportunity back in April of 2014. I just knew I had enough of the life I was living up until that point. I was a full time news reporter in Fairmont, WV making $21,000 a year and needless to say, barely getting by. I'll never forget having to pick up extra waitressing shifts so that I could afford groceries, the poor condition of my first apartment, and the nights I would sit in that cold place in tears because I didn't know how I ended up here.

When this business opportunity presented itself to me, I didn't know it would bring me here. I just knew I wanted to feel better about myself and escape the depression that had taken over my life. I am forever grateful for the courage I had back then that brought me HERE. Coaching has given me everything I've ever wanted for my life, major strides in my own health and fitness journey, a community with the most authentic, positive and real people I've ever met, an opportunity to create real change in the world, travel, financial freedom, deep connection with others, and a passion that keeps me going every single day.


It's my hope and prayer that you found your way here because maybe you feel the same. 


Team Simply BeYOUtiful is a group of empowered, goal oriented, motivated women who accept others for exactly who they are. We care about our bodies and health and strive to be positive role models that build genuine, transparent, and honest relationships. We are a team of dreamers that wants more out of this life and craves freedom in every aspect. Financially, physically, and emotionally. Our culture is based on community, growth, support, and most importantly- love. We strive to be a positive light in as many lives as possible and to dedicate time every day toward spreading our message.

We will mentor you and give you all the tools you need to make yourself a success. Together we are better.


Contact me today about becoming a coach by completing the form below. Join our tribe of women today and start making a difference in someone’s life TOMORROW.

Which of these best describes you?
What motivates you about this opportunity?
What best describes your current situation?

Thank you for applying! I will be in touch within 24 hours of receiving this application. Please text 724-470-7901 and let me know you applied!

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