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Bx4: Breaking Barriers, Building Businesses

Discover how to automate, streamline, and simplify your business so that you can get out of your phone and back into your life.

I don't believe you need to be working 24/7 in order to have a successful business. Truthfully, all that does is lead to burnout and exhaustion.


What you do need, is strategy. You need someone to help you set clear goals for your business and then help you create a plan to achieve it. That's where I come in. Bx4 is designed to help you automate, scale, and simplify your business so that you can get out of the mundane tasks and make more time for the things that truly matter.

Beginning September 11, 2023, I am going to teach you EXACTLY how to do that in just six weeks.

Lets re-define hustle, shall we?

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BX4 is designed to help you have the following in just 6 weeks:

- Feel INTENTIONAL with your business activities
- To have clear goals for where you want to go with your business
- To have marketing plans and calendars in place that indicate a clear plan for where you're trying to go
- To have systems that put you 2-3 months ahead
- To have automated emails and sequences that nurture clients and prospects
- To spend LESS time on your phone and more with who and what matters

Here's what to expect in the mentorship

  • Identifying your Business Goals 

  • Let's get personal: What do you LOVE about your business?

  • Identifying your strongest qualities & passions

  • Who are you wanting to attract to your business?

Lets Get Clear 

  • The best social platforms to build your business 

  • Doing your own social media audit

  • Zoning in on your messaging 

  • Tips for an attractive feed & clear photos

  • How to use stories to connect with people and get them to click 

  • How to make Instagram Reels work for you 

  • How to get 30 days ahead on your social media content 

Social Media 101

  • Establishing your priorities / ABC List 

  • Creating your work/life balance 

  • Google Calendar Rundown 

  • Setting your business hours 

  • How to make a marketing plan for your business 

  • Creating a social media strategy that aligns with your marketing plan

Designing your Business

  • Choosing your email platform 

  • Creating segments & opt in forms 

  • Creating freemiums 

  • How to market your freemium on social media 

  • Adding Email Marketing to your Google Calendar

  • BONUS: Text Marketing

Email Marketing

Automating your Business

  • Setting up segments/categories for your email list 

  • Uploading current clients to the list and sending their welcome email 

  • Setting up a newsletter, what should go in it weekly 

  • Setting up automations for your email segments  

  • Repurposing social media content for newsletters 

  • Rules of thumb when it comes to email marketing

Putting it all together

  • Create the game plan that you will follow monthly. 

  • Customize it to your life

  • See how you can get everything in your business set up for the next month in just a few 30-60 minute work sessions.

Why you can no longer afford to put this off...

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The four words: "this is a season" was becoming the soundtrack of my career. After having babies, business looked different. The way I did things changed. Time became limited and no matter how hard I tried, I was dropping a ball somewhere.

Those I confided in would tell me to just take a deep breath and ENJOY my kids while they were little. They said I had the rest of my life to work. I would nod and agree. What they said was true. The reason I became an entrepreneur in the first place WAS to be present with my kids. But I also had a business that my family was counting on.

There had to be a way to be good at both. This mentorship will teach you how to do it. 

Without solving this problem, revenue will continue to decline. You'll stay unhappy, frustrated, and angry. You'll continue to do everything alone for no return. You'll be plugged in 24/7 and at the end of the day, your business will run YOU.  I don't want that for you. Let me help.

What clients are saying about Kelsey Smith & BX4


How much does BX4 cost?

The mistake most people make is that they think the "figure it out" yourself option is cheaper. What they don't take into account is how SLOW and INEFFECTIVE this can be. 


What's even worse? Putting all of your energy and effort into trying to figure this out on your own and then absolutely nothing changing and having to redo it a few months from now.

So let's do this right the first time. Let me share my tried and true, proven approach to getting out of your business and back into your life. Let's save you HOURS of time so that you can take back your time. 

This is your chance to learn from me so you can get things done FASTER.

You can get access to the BX4 Coaching Program for just four payments of $297 or pay in full and save $190.

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If you're thinking this sounds amazing, but you're still a little unsure...

If you decide this course isn’t exactly what you need and you have shown up in your lessons and have done the work, I will offer you a 14 day money-back guarantee! (It begins once the mentorship begins). I want you to love this course and want to show how confident I am that you will! You can email requesting a full, immediate refund!


Each Sunday, you will get an email including a workbook that allows you to design your DREAM business and fill in exactly what you're hoping to automate. 

Weekly Workbooks

The first 5 people who enroll will get a 30 minute ZOOM branding call with Kelsey where I'll go through your social media and help you identify your ideal client and the messaging you need to reach them.  This is valued at $999.

30 Minute Branding Call

Your BX4 purchase gets you access to a Facebook Community where you will get access to me, additional resources, live videos, walkthroughs, and trainings. 

Facebook Community

Get the template to creating your WEEK SIX game plan. Just plug in your own business information so that you have a monthly plan to work from.

Valued at $199

"My Monthly Marketing Plan" Canva Template

Exercises and worksheets for implementing effective automation in your business.

Valued at $499

Design your Automated Life Workbook

This is my BABY! My five step guide which breaks down how to goal set for a new year. In detail, you will reflect on the previous year, set goals, map out your vision, create the plan, and get to work. Includes a 40 minute webinar showing how to fill it out. 

Valued at $499

Your Yearly Breakthrough Goal Setting Guide

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About your trainer

Kelsey Smith is a mom of two under three and gets it. After battling infertility for 18 months and two IUI's, she and her husband were blessed with their first baby girl. 20 months after her birth, they found out they were expecting their rainbow baby. 


Kelsey juggles all of the balls within motherhood, life, and her career as a top coach in a health and wellness network marketing company. She may not know it all, but she has learned a lot and has dedicated her life to helping other women fight back to the women they are capable of being.

A note from Kelsey...

As an entrepreneur, you already know that having systems in your business are crucial. But without identifying what your business needs, you'll continue to feel like you're running in circles and wasting months of your time on things that aren't serving you. 

That's why I created BX4. I take the guess work out of "what to do", help you identify exactly what your business needs, and then take appropriate action to get you out of your business and back into your life. 



Okay! You have the information. You've been going back and forth. The next step is to commit. You have to put your fears aside and understand that if you're STILL HERE, there is a burning desire in your heart to make a change more than you want to remain the same. Your first step is saying yes. Once you enroll in BX4, I'll take it from there. 

Your investment will change your entire life if you let it. If you show up in each lesson and ZOOM, complete your workbook, show up in our community, ask questions,  you will see massive shifts begin to happen in your life. Everything I am giving you, I have lived and am living first hand. 

I'll see you beginning September 11. 


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