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...and I'm sure you have too, which is probably why you're here. You're done with the fad diets, the crazy meal plans, and the lack of carbs. You're looking for something sustainable and to make healthy living a LIFESTYLE, not a chore. 

Good news, my friend. You've come to the right place. My job is to help you become the best version of yourself and love every step of the process along the way. 

This page will explain to you exactly what my bootcamps consist of and what to expect. If it sounds like it aligns with what you're looking for, click below to Build Your Bundle and we will get started.




Beachbody is the #1 at-home health & fitness program
that offers a total solution. We offer more than 1400
different workouts that each include nutrition plans to fit

your specific goals.

It's the TOTAL solution. The packages are comprised of
3 things: workout programs, nutrition programs &


This is my FAVORITE part of my job. A bootcamp is
essentially a fitness community that helps us stay
accountable to our goals. We have a monthly theme
with daily posts to give you motivation, we share
recipes and resources, and we rally together every day
and show up for ourselves and each other.

You get access to an EXCLUSIVE app where you will be
able to log your supplements & workouts, plus interact
with people all around the country!


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With Beachbody on Demand, you get EVERY single program our company has ever put out. (More than 900 workouts) This also includes our two brand new programs, Morning Meltdown 100 & 6 Weeks of the Work. This is awesome because you’ll have access to ALL fitness programs ever created by Beachbody! Once you enroll, you'll fill out ONE more form that will allow me to zone in on a specific program for you to start with.



  • One on One Coaching + Prep Week with yours truly

  • Weekly email check-in's

  • An Instagram Pod to stay accountable and make friends

  • Daily motivational posts in the group 

  • Monthly Family Fun Calendar 

  • Weekly Meal Plans 

  • Weekly recognition and a chance to meet others 

  • Weekly calls/live videos

  • Fix Approved Recipes, Reading Recommendations, + More

  • Private Challenge Group ran through My Challenge Tracker App

  • One years access to every program Beachbody has ever made + chance to get VIP access to new programs. Think of it like the Netflix of Workouts. You'll be able to stream anything and everything phone your phone, computer, or iPad.

  • A Shaker

  • Your choice of Shakeology (Lose weight in a healthy way, fight cravings, increase energy, and improve digestion) OR the Performance Line (Energize & Recover- our all natural pre and post workout)

  • Accountability Group & app to log your shakes and workouts

  • One years access to my Virtual Gym 

  • Chance to be in my EXCLUSIVE three week "all-in" mentorships (HD clients only)



We aim to make things simple and I'm sure you've heard it before, results come from the kitchen.


So I'm going to be straight with you. There are no surprises with the Nutrition plan! When you join our bootcamps, you have the option to follow the Portion Fix Containers or 2B Mindset Nutrition (if you have purchased that upgrade) or just follow the basic Beachbody nutrition plan. 

Check out our nutrition programs HERE.


If you're ready to dive In, click on the "build your bundle" link below and we can get you started. It's self-explanatory.
YOU choose what fits within YOUR goals and YOUR budget. I know this is an investment and might be scary trying
something new, but I promise you- 6 years in and I can honestly say this is the best investment I've ever made. It's

given me my LIFE back.

We're In this together.



"I needed a change. I needed someone to believe in me and help me get started-- Kelsey was that someone. I reached out to her and asked her to be my coach because I knew that she believed in what she did & I didn't have any other options at that point. When I started I was 225 lbs- my all time high & I was so disgusted with my lifestyle choices and my reflection in the mirror. Kelsey helped me see the beauty inside of me before I even lost a single pound. She believed in me and she made sure i was going to get results. Here I am...down 50+ lbs, down 8 pant sizes & I have confidence like no other."- Rebecca Reid


"I had hit rock bottom and Kelsey was there to help me climb back up. Through her energy, contagious positivity, and commitment to me, there was no way I could fail. Having her in my life has completely transformed my body and my mind. I am both physically and mentally stronger. She is someone who will cheer you on day in and day out. She will never give up on YOUR dreams... because reaching your goals is her goal."- Ali Lemke 


"Kelsey completely changed my life. I grew up a competitive athlete and always thought I knew how to take care of myself and stay in shape. Boy was I wrong. Soon after I got engaged I had hit rock bottom. I had no idea what to do until I found Kelsey. I had tried a million other things but this was different. Kelsey was there to guide me every step of the way, help me choose a fitness plan that met my physical needs, showed me how to get onto the meal plan and learn portion control. I could never thank her enough for everything she has done for me!"

-Stephanie Lamson

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